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One aspect of living in the UK is we are fortunate to be surrounded by culture. From the mysterious stone plinths of Stonehenge to the 1,001 weird village customs like games of football involving hundreds, Britain loves celebrating its history and tradition.
May Day is a time of year that has held a particular significance for centuries, ushering in the start of summer. In Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man this is still commemorated in much the same way these area's Celtic ancestors will have done. 
Edinburgh's Beltane Festival commences on the evening of 30 April. Upwards of 15,000 revellers congregate around the city's Calton Hill, barely a five-minute stroll from its main thoroughfare, Princes Street. Far from being a disorganised party, this event has become so popular that it is properly organised. Many ancient elements are incorporated in the amazing spectacle, with performance art, music inspired by myths, exuberant dancers and fire-eaters.
Have a camera at the ready as many of the official performers are dressed in striking pagan costumes. As those brave enough spit out fire from their torches, you'll capture some amazing photographs, set against the stunning backdrop of Edinburgh's skyline.
A matter of a few weeks after Beltane, Scotland's capital gears up for the Edinburgh Festival. The world's largest arts festival, this occurs every August and includes several overlapping ‘mini festivals' such as the books festival, the official festival, the Fringe festival and the jazz festival.
The largest of these, the Fringe, is running from the 3-27 August this year.
Grab yourself a Fringe programme (available free from tourist outlets throughout the city centre). This contains a full listing of events, ranging from comedy to drama, dance to music, and check out the range of venues. A huge amount of the events are free, particularly the street performances that take place at The Mound (two minutes from Waverley Station) or the High Street.

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